Our vast knowledge and global network of manufacturers and suppliers.


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You have an added advantage when appointing Trans Seas as your procurement partner. We represent our client’s best interest on each of their project requirements.  We know that every project demands high-priority, attention, communication, and performance with all parties involved. Trans Seas understands the importance of our client’s needs, and we work to deliver that message to those utilizing our services.


Time is of the essence when providing the best in quality, cost, and delivery. Trans Seas provides complete transparency in project scheduling, requests for pricing, sourcing, sample submittals, technical submittals, factory visits, contract negotiations, purchase orders, invoicing, payments, logistics and installation scheduling. We offer an all-inclusive process from the beginning, then transfer back complete control while offering after-market services. Our support staff communicates daily with our design consultants, specifications, contractors, sub-contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and service providers to ensure a smooth delivery.


Our vast knowledge and global network of manufacturers and suppliers allows Trans Seas to stay ahead of the curve while providing added value to our clients budget, sourcing the best possible options available at the best prices, while maintaining the design intent.


Utilize Trans Seas for your procurement needs and experience the professional services and representation we provide. 

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