National Bank of Kuwait (NBK)

Duration: 2004 - Current
Subj: Recommendation - Feasibility Study for the Records & Storage Facilities

Project Overview

Trans Seas provided NBK with our detailed recommendation based on our full survey analysis (feasibility study) during our visit to NBK in Kuwait. Our overall goal is to provide NBK with our proposed innovative solutions meeting the information and material storage and storage management needs on the following areas:


1. High-Density Mobile Storage Systems: Design the most effective layout concept for the installation of High-Density Mobile Storage Systems for the design and construction of a new records and storage facility at Al-Rai, taking into consideration future growth for the next 20 years. Thus providing adequate space-saving technology integrating safe and secure access and retrieval to the primary records and files stored as well as secondary materials stored such as; office supplies and stationeries, office equipment and PCs, ATM machines, safes, office furniture, janitorial supplies, etc.


2. Records & Information Management: Solutions for timely, accurate, complete, cost-effective accessibility and useable Records and Information Management System improving efficiency and productivity.


3. Media Casing (Housing): Selection of more suitable and proper media housing will enhance the ease of handling and retrieval of files as well as reduce downtime and increase efficiency.


4. Shredding & Disposal System: Handle heavy load capacity of paper to shred at time of life-cycle completion (termination of an existing file), keeping in mind advanced safety and security features for users.


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