Keilhauer Furniture | Middle East & Africa


Keilhauer is a family-owned company that was started by the Keilhauer brothers, in June, 1981. 

They were inspired by their father, Ed Keilhauer, an upholsterer and saddle-maker with European training and a pioneer in the design and development of contract seating in North America.

Having been around furniture all of their lives and with the support of their father they set out to build a new company. In the earliest days of the business many of the pieces that were manufactured were custom for the local market. The custom products that were made generally filled niches that were not readily available in the market.

With this as a background the company began to capitalize on the skills that were developing. An ability to understand market niches combined with an inherited capability of manufacturing seating and a commitment to making product on time provided an excellent base on which to expand the company into broader markets with outside product designers.

Over the years the company has developed over 100 product collections, many of them award winning, and worked with dozens of independent product designers who have brought fresh and innovative ideas into the business with every new product launch. Keilhauer products are now sold around the world.

As the appreciation for the power of good design evolved in its products, it quickly became apparent that design could provide creative solutions throughout the company. As a result, design became a pervasive influence in every area of the business and can be seen in its marketing materials, showrooms and facilities. At its inception it was a small family business with some furniture manufacturing know how and a set of values that stressed respect and integrity for its people and its customers.

As the company grew and more people became involved in the decisions and execution necessary to move forward and remain successful, it became important to pass on the Keilhauer values and ensure that its corporate philosophy was clear to all.

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