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Instyle ecoustic ® Moov 

Acoustic Products


Sophisticated and intelligent 25mm acoustic panels with superior sound absorption


100% PET (>50% recycled content)

Panel Thickness / Dimensions

25mm (+/-2mm) / 1210 x 2720mm (+/- 5mm, 10mm)

Pattern Repeat



wall and ceiling panels, pinboards



Performance Rating

NRC 0.80 (Direct Fix), NRC 0.85 (25mm Airgap)


- Improved Sound Absorption: Ecoustic® Panel: 25mm can absorb 80% of sound when the panel is directly fixed to a wall. Ecoustic® Panel is ideal for medium and high frequency absorption
- Improved Pinability
- Thermal Performance: R 0.7
- Lightweight, Easy to Handle + Install

Fire Test

AS/ISO 9705 Group 1
GB 8624


- Designed for the Environment: Ecoustic® Panel is made from over 50% recycled PET. Ecoustic® Panel is designed to optimally fit with walls, which results in less labour and materials. Easy to disassemble and separate into the appropriate recycling systems, Ecoustic® Panel can be recycled through Instyle's Revive® program
- Low VOC + Safe to Handle: Ecoustic® Panel is low-VOC, and is non-toxic, non-irritant and non-allergenic

Green Star + LEED

- Ecoustic® Panel is Greentag Level A Certified and can achieve maximum Green Star points
- 50% post consumer content contributes to LEED MR Credit 4 Recycled Content

Additional Information

- 25mm Edging Profile: 2750mm natural anodised aluminium edging length with counter sunk holes punched every 300mm is available. Instyle recommends the use of edging profiles for Ecoustic® Panel 25mm for optimum results
- *White, Natural, Sky, Cream, Cameo, Fresco, Oatmeal, Opal + Spray are supplied with white core, other colours are supplied with black core

Instyle ecoustic ® Moov 

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