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All Krug product offerings can be specified to meet the Healthy Interiors goal version 2.0 of the Safer Chemicals Challenge. Most product solutions offer multiple material options for customers. Restricted materials and chemicals can be avoided through careful customer specification. Below are some guidelines on specifying for compliance. Additional guidance can be requested by contacting Krug.


All Krug products are currently SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certified and meet the formaldehyde emissions requirements. They have been tested in accordance with AnSI/BIFMA Standard Method M7.1-2011 and comply with sections 7.6.1 and 7.6.2 of the AnSI/BIFMA e3-2011 Furniture Sustainability Standard. Certificates are available at:


Per- and poly-fluorinated compounds (PFCs)

Krug upholstered seating products are offered with PFC-free covering options unless the customer requests the use of these stain resistant treatments. Customers specifying Customers Own Materials are responsible for any PFC treatment.


Flame Retardants

All standard Krug products are offered with components that are free from flame retardants unless the use of these chemicals is requested by customers in order to meet specific flammability requirements. Customers are responsible for the material content when specifying Customer’s Own Materials.



All Krug products are offered with components that meet the guidance requirements for use of antimicrobials.


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) 

Not all Krug products are 100% PVC-Free, however, all products can be specified to include PVC content below the <1% by weight requirement. Specifying vinyl upholstery options will exclude an upholstered seating product from meeting the Safer Chemicals Challenge.

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