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Every sound diffuser, sound absorption, sound proofing product is hand-built and hand-finished. It’s this approach that makes every product and installation so special. We provide 100% custom capabilities. 

Acoustic walls are exceptionally designer friendly and can be applied as either an acoustical, tackable or decorative surface. 

Acoustic ceiling and wall surfaces that appear to be lightly textured drywall or plaster but they perform acoustically. Install acoustic ceiling on flat, angular, curved, coffered or barrel vaulted ceilings and completely change the acoustical properties of a room without changing its appearance. Or, use your imagination and create a dramatic statement that performs as great as it looks.

Acoustic Art is the easiest way to add beauty and acoustical control to any space. Acoustic Art is a combination of our specialized high resolution imaging technology.

Acoustic Art comes to you fully assembled and ready to hang on a wall as you would a painting. Acoustic Art can be produced from any high quality image including Fine Art, Photography, Digital images, etc. and manufactured at any size to fit the space perfectly.

Acoustic Art is a designers dream for updating or decorating any space and solve unwanted noise problems in one step. This product is perfect for residential, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and places of worship.

Acoustic Art

Acoustic BAFFLES

Acoustic CEILING

Acoustic WALLS

These baffles have no equal when it comes to design flexibility and maintainability. Each surface can be covered with a different color or style of fabric, so the application can be customized to the space.

Hang them independently or join them edge to edge to create a distinct, custom appearance.

Maintain or update each baffle by simply replacing the fabric, the core and frame remain the same.

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